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Коментарі до металізованих кухонних рукавиць:

Q: How do these hold up against ninja attacks?
A: It completely depends on the level of the ninja. I personally have battled (and defeated) up to a brown belt, but I don't think they will hold up to a black belt one w/o fraying a bit at the ends of the fingers.

Q: Would they work to protect from getting nicked or cute for a band saw?
A: You would be bloody, but maybe still cute. Depends on whether you were cute to begin with. Bat your eyelashes at the EMTs who arrive to save your life before you pass out from loss of blood and test your cuteness level.

Q: Will I be able to defend myself against a knife attack in a dark alley with these?
A: Yes, of course. Everyone knows that you don't bring a knife to an alley fight with a person with a gun wearing cut resistant gloves.