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I have the HP Envy printer, connected via WiFi, and it gives me headaches quite frequently. The problem is that its drivers or Windows Spooler or their combination just don't work right. On my Windows 10 system, I am getting "Invalid parameter" error when trying to print a simple test page from the Printer Properties dialog. It is also not possible to print from the virtual machines running on the this system.

Strangely enough, these issues happen with more sophisticated printing sources like MS Office or Acrobat, but not with Notepad. But I seem to have found a workaround, and it's a bit non-trivial. From MS Office, I print to PDF using CutePDF printer driver (default Microsoft's Print To PDF doesn't write any PDF contents and just creates a 0-bytes-long file).  Next, I load the PDF, created by CutePDF, in Firefox 52. And from there, printing works like a charm.

Conclusion - I won't buy any PDF printers in the future. I don't have this problem with Canon or Epson printers on the same computer and the same VMs.
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